This site has been mostly dormant for a while, because, well… because life happens. (Also, maintaining a website takes more discipline than we expected. Mostly, though, we have too many other things we need to do before we can devote ourselves to helping marriages in crisis full time.)

Fear not, friends! Exciting things are happening. No, this bus isn’t done (we’ve learned that whenever we think we’re making progress and set some deadlines for ourselves, that just gets blown out of the water), and progress, while happening, is slow and really not visible from the street. What is happening is something we’ve talked about doing for a while, and since the great shut-down of 2020 has inspired others we figure now is the time to jump on the bandwagon.

We’re starting a live-stream. Our living room “studio” is all set up. We have managed to get cameras talking to the computer, microphones that sound pretty good to us, and some software that makes the process pretty simple. We’re working on getting some topics lined up, and figuring out how best to post the videos. Ideally, they will be “hosted” via our webpage and shared on our Facebook page, our Instagram Page, and maybe we’ll add a YouTube channel.

The Open Book Live Stream will (hopefully) premiere on May 4 and we’ll start out with going live every other Monday. All videos will be archived, so if you can’t watch us live, no worries. The format is pretty simple. We’ll have a topic (suggestions are welcome) and the two of us will talk about it for 20 to 40 minutes. Ideally, we will personalize the topic: talk about how it affected us, and then we’ll share our tools: how we dealt with whatever it was. Nothing fancy, but hopefully helpful, informative, and just a little bit entertaining.

About Christien

I am a child of God, a wife, a student, a hobbyist, an entrepreneur, and a wanderer... my deepest desire is to see the world around me and find a way to express how beautiful it is.

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