So we’re Bryan and Christien Hoss. Thanks for taking the time to meet us here on the world wide web. Since you’re on this page, we figure you’d like to know who we are. I’ll try to make this a nice little blurb rather than a Dickens-worthy introduction. No promises.

There are some things that we would consider ourselves experts in, and thankfully one of them (Bryan’s expertise in construction estimating) supports us financially, allowing us to contemplate this amazing adventure we’re about to go on. We’re becoming experts on our marriage, unfortunately through the route of learning what not to do. We’re experts at floundering around lost in the world that we live in, and because we have a God that has blessed us in ways we’re not even aware of, we usually land on our feet. And we’re coming to understand that those times we land butt-end up, it’s only a matter of perspective, and once we figure out where God is leading us, we discover that we’ve been on our feet all along.

What we aren’t experts in is psychology and theology and most especially, your circumstances. Everything in these pages is from our experience. Things that we’ve learned that apply to us. We think a lot of it will help you, if only to illustrate what not to do. Ultimately, though, what you take away from our experiences is up to you.

Beyond that caveat, the main thing that you need to know is that we are in the process of re-learning what marriage is, understanding addiction recovery and coming to grips with what it means to answer a Calling.

We’re also new at this whole “blogging” thing, and as a result things aren’t nearly as organized and done correctly as I’d (Christien) would like. It’s rough around the edges and coming together slowly. But despite some misgivings, some nerves, and a little bit of what we’re pretty sure is spiritual warfare, we’re progressing. So join us on our journey, jump into the conversation and hopefully things will go mostly as planned and we’ll be merrily rolling along the road soon.

Also, I think we need a theme song.